About Us

The Morgan Executive Search team recognized a need for a recruiting firm that delivered a meaningful and focused hiring experience for both hiring companies and potential candidates that was tailored for the Global Technology and Professional Services industries.

Founded in 2018 with the promise of delivering a high quality experience for companies and for candidates, Morgan Executive Search goes that extra mile to truly understand a company’s challenges and help solve them through attracting and retaining the best talent. The team taps into its diverse skillset to address evolving industry concerns, from supply chain transformations to customer experience and everything in between.

The Morgan Executive Search team has a strong track record for attracting the right person for the right position—whether or not a candidate is actively seeking opportunities. The team’s innate passion resonates with people, quickly converting a passive candidate to one who is eager for a new experience.

Partnering with Companies in:

  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Financial Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Customer Experience

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Core Values



Everyone deserves respect and support. That’s why Morgan Executive Search puts people at the core of every business decision, keeping the best interests of both companies and potential candidates in mind.



Disrupting the status quo and taking calculated risks is foundational to elevating long-term performance. That’s why Morgan Executive Search embraced the opportunity to serve a niche need in the market, delivering a high quality experience to both companies and potential candidates.



Passion is contagious. That’s why Morgan Executive Search approaches every business challenge with passion—actively engaging with companies to address needs and inspiring candidates to embrace new experiences. 

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